We are committed to make the world a little better!

At Knusperli, we are aware of our responsibility and we want to make the world a little better with our products. We try to implement our ideas in all aspects of our business.

Good breakfast made easy

Nutrition, well-being & pleasure

You've probably heard this before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And this important meal should be composed very consciously. A muesli is the perfect way to get a balanced start to the day. And the best thing about it: our crunchy mueslis make breakfast enjoyable too!

The Knusperli quality guarantee

Lovingly selected ingredients and harmoniously balanced recipes: with Knusperli you can taste the quality of all raw materials!

All muesli ingredients are selected according to strict criteria and processed under constant quality controls. After all, our products are not only meant to satiate, but also to improve well-being and contribute to a healthier diet. And of course they simply have to taste good!

Tastes are different, so we have the right muesli for everyone.


Knusperli is the domestic muesli specialist and one of the most popular muesli brands among Austrians. We know the taste of the Austrians. And we create our unique recipes precisely for them - naturally perfectly tailored to their preferences.

We use ingredients from Austria wherever possible. For example, the organic oats in our Organic Porridge.

Cooperation with regional suppliers is particularly important to us.

All Knusperli mueslis are packaged in Steyr, Upper Austria.

Sustainable packaging

A good product deserves excellent packaging. And such excellent packaging must of course be sustainable. We have committed ourselves to this concern and designed our Knusperli packaging to be as sustainable as possible.

The packaging for our mueslis is part of our sustainability philosophy.

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We support Hektar Nektar

Knusperli is a proud partner of Hektar Nektar, the community for the protection of bees. Because without bees there would be no oats, no apples and no berries that make our Knusperli so delicious. Healthy muesli is only available with a healthy nature.

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