Crunchy muesli

Crunchy muesli

For an extra portion of vitality in the morning!

Irresistibly crunchy

and simply delicious!

Our Knusperli crunchy mueslis are just pure fun! For they have the perfect crunch, taste fantastic and offer the right flavor for every muesli preference.

The combination is just perfect! Our mueslis contain excellent cereals, high-quality freeze-dried fruits or the finest chocolate. The highlight in every package: our exquisite Knusperli biscuits!

What makes our products so special? The most natural ingredients and processing methods possible, superb quality and a unique taste experience. This makes your breakfast a pleasurable highlight of the day.

All our crunchy mueslis are

  • without palm oil
  • free from flavour enhancers, preservatives & colourings
  • lovingly made in Austria

Our tip: Enjoy the crispy crunchy experience not only at breakfast, but at any time of the day! Variety is guaranteed: the full (crunchy) pleasure is available in five unique, delicious flavors.

Good to know: That's what's inside our crunchy mueslis

Cereal flakes make up the basis of a crunchy muesli, just like in the classic flake muesli. For the Knusperli crunchy muesli, we only use wholemeal oat flakes, which are pressed out of whole oat grains. Oat flakes contain plenty of beneficial dietary fibre, the ideal basis for crunchy mueslis. The whole grain oat flakes are sweetened and mixed with vegetable oil. Then they are gently baked in a large oven until a thin large biscuit is ready. Once the giant biscuit is cooled, it is broken up into small pieces. We call these pieces muesli clusters. These are the typical crunchy pieces that make our Knusperli crunchy muesli so irresistibly good! This is how our crunchy mueslis, with exquisite ingredients, have always managed to brighten up the face of every morning grouch so far.