0% added sugar

0% added sugar

100% of taste

Pure flavour without added sugar!

Crunching with no regrets!

Our Knusperli crunchy mueslis with 0% added sugar* are completely free of sugar additives and are therefore fun to eat! Knusperli pays close attention to the wishes of muesli breakfast lovers and meets the current nutritional needs. With its crunchy mueslis with 0% added sugar, Knusperli helps muesli fans reduce the daily amount of sugar consumed - while still enjoying the crunchy fun!

High-quality, freeze-dried fruits, carefully selected nuts or the finest chocolate provide the all-round delicious taste experience in our Knusperli crunchy mueslis with 0% added sugar*.

All of our crunchy mueslis with 0% added sugar*are

  • palm oil free

  • free from added flavour enhancers, preservatives & colourings

  • made with love in Austria

And offer

  • pure crunchiness

  • 100% taste experience

Our tip: Enjoy the crunchy fun not only for breakfast, but at any time of the day. You can enjoy the pure (crunchy) pleasure to the full with milk, yoghurt or a milk alternative.

No Added Sugar - No Sugar?

What does "no added sugar" mean? Oat flakes, nuts, fruit or seeds - all of the good ingredients in our mueslis naturally contain sugar. We have managed, however, to leave out refined industrial sugar in our 0% added sugar * crunchy mueslis. At the same time, the crunchy mueslis with 0% added sugar impress with a rich flavor experience and crunchy delight for your taste buds.

Try our Knusperli with 0% added sugar * and discover their flavor for yourself!

*contains naturally occurring sugars.