Breakfast should be fun!

Only Knusperli tastes like this

Bursting with flavor

and irresistibly good!


Mmmm so good!

Our new Organic porridge!

Crunchy Muesli Strawberry & White Chocolate

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Our most popular Knusperli Muesli


The right muesli for everyone

Chocolate freaks will enjoy Knusperli just as much as those who are health-conscious. Still, you are spoilt for choice: crunchy muesli, crunchy muesli with 0% added sugar, Knusperli Vitality flake muesli or the new Organic Porridge - the choice is not easy. We recommend that you try them all. For with Knusperli, you have the taste of the lovingly selected ingredients!

A good day

starts with the right breakfast! And that’s how it naturally should be:

  • without dyes
  • without preservative substances
  • without flavor enhancers

Just like our Knusperli.

However, that's not all: all our ingredients are selected according to strict criteria and processed under constant quality controls.

What makes Knusperli so irresistible? A lot of careful consideration has been devoted to the optimally balanced recipes and all the delicious ingredients have been blended together in harmony. Naturally good and incomparably crunchy or just perfect.

For pleasure and fun at breakfast.

Our Knusperli values

Austrian origin

Our mueslis are created in Austria and made locally in Steyr.

Great variety of tastes

New and unique flavors coming up regularly

All genuine

Without unnecessary additives

100% of taste

Knusperli are also available without added sugar

Full crunchiness

Delicious to the last spoonful

Warm and comforting

Organic Porridge with oats from Austria