About Knusperli

About Knusperli

The early bird has muesli in its mouth

The Austrian muesli specialist Knusperli

spoils you with daily indulgence.

Do something good for yourself and enjoy your Knusperli muesli.

Which crunchy type are you? Are you a 7-day breakfast person, a weekend breakfast connoisseur or do you love a crunchy snack for in between meals? Our wide range of products offers the right taste experience for every occasion!

Your breakfast

should be naturally

  • well balanced
  • taste good
  • really crunchy
  • and fun!

With these preferences, Knusperli is the right choice for you! Knusperli provides you with plenty of energy, no matter what the day has in store for you.

Let us surprise you again and again: Our muesli range is so varied that your muesli experience will never get boring.

A good day starts with a good morning


We are convinced that a good breakfast sets the foundation for a successful day. That's why we at Knusperli are constantly striving to make your start to the day even better.