Crunchy Muesli Strawberry & White Chocolate

The No. 1 among the Knusperli Crunchy Mueslis

A clear case: This Knusperli crunchy muesli is the all-time favourite for many breakfast fans. They love the well-balanced combination of crunchy wholemeal flakes, fruity strawberries, delicate white chocolate chips and Knusperli biscuits.

Our tip: Enjoy Knusperli crunchy muesli Strawberry & White Chocolate just as it is. It tastes best with milk or yoghurt.

Knusperli crunchy muesli Strawberry & White Chocolate is free from flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorings and is available in a 600g package.


Wholegrain oat flakes (49%), sugar, palm oil, rice flour, maize, whole milk powder, wheat flour, cocoa butter, coconut flakes, freezedried strawberry bits, apple juice concentrate, salt, honey, palm fat, wheat gluten, malted barley and wheat flour, barley malt extract, flavouring, caramel syrup, emulsifier: lecithins. Cocoa content: 1,7%.

Nutritional Values per 100 g

Energy (kJ)1859
Fat15 g
of whisch saturates6,9 g
Carbyhydrate65 g
of which sugars25 g
Ballaststoffe5,8 g
Protein9,0 g
Salt0,60 g

May contain traces of peanuts, soy, edible nuts and sesame. This is a natural product and may therefore contain pit and shell fragments. Filling level due to technicla reasons.